'The scene from a horror movie': Blogger's revelation about pregnancy

Blogger Ella Dvornik has shared a snap of her mouth bleeding profusely to show her army of online followers the downside of pregnancy.

The Croatian blogger posted the snap on Facebook for her 360,000 fans, saying it was one of the “normal” realities.

“This is a normal thing during pregnancy, although this does not happen every day. My gums are bleeding a lot due to excess blood and hormones, etc,” she said.

One fan commented she had the same situation and it was the only symptom she experienced.

“No symptoms of pregnancy during pregnancy except everyday pain with blood in the mouth,” she said.

Others compared the photo of the blogger to a vampire.

“The scene from the horror movies,” one commented.

Blogger Ella Dvornik has shared a snap of her mouth bleeding profusely. Source: CEN/Australscope

According to reports, many mums-to-be experience swollen or sore gums during pregnancy, which can lead to bleeding.

However, bleeding gums are usually attributed to plaque build-up and hormonal changes during pregnancy can reportedly make a woman’s gums more vulnerable to plaque.

Dental experts advise mothers that the best way to deal with the problem of ‘pregnancy gingivitis’ or swollen gums is to improve their oral hygiene and brush their teeth at least twice a day as well as floss regularly.

Some specialists also advise them to increase their intake of vitamins C and K.

Dvornik is married to Brit Charles Pearce, 41, and they have a two-year-old daughter name Balie.

Ella Dvornik has revealed the downsides of her second pregnancy. Source: CEN/Australscope

Her husband was born in London and lived there most of his life, he is an architect and marketing graduate from Birmingham City University.

According to his Instagram profile, he declares himself 'Ella's husband, father of Balie, mentor, investor, entrepreneur and start-up fanatic'.

He is also the founder of London marketing company 'Manijak'.

They married in Las Vegas in 2017 and now live in the Croatian capital Zagreb.

The blogger wanted to show her followers the downside to being pregnant as she expects her second child.


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