The Oscar winner who moved to Canada not because of Trump

During the unforgettable US presidential election of 2016 a swathe of Hollywood celebrities promised to “quit” America and move to Canada if Donald Trump was elected President.

But long before Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Bryan Cranston, Whoopi Goldberg and Matt Damon threatened to move house, one big time Hollywood star did in fact pack her bags and move to Canada. Her name is Goldie Hawn, and as Sunday Night reporter Mike Amor discovered, her reason for the northern migration was not political.

Fourteen years ago Goldie put her career on ‘ice’ and moved to Canada with her actor husband Kurt Russell so their son Wyatt could pursue a professional hockey career.

Wyatt Russel, son of actress Goldie Hawn and actor Kurt Russel

“After 35-40 years of doing the makeup and hair and being funny and making movies, there is a time when you look and say… what else do I care about?

“He deserved to have his dream fulfilled and that’s what we were meant to do, Kurt and I take our parenting first."

There was a time when Goldie was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. After bursting onto the scene as an empty headed blonde on the 60’s sketch show Laugh In, it wasn’t long before she went on to claim the 1969 Oscar for best supporting actress in the hit drama, Cactus Flower.

The Academy Award winner made her return to film in the hit comedy, Snatched.

Goldie and Kurt juggled their professional lives with raising three children, Oliver, Wyatt and a daughter who has become a star in her own right, Kate Hudson.

“I wanted her and all the children to have a normal life, as normal as it could be… nobody’s going to be bringing you tea and doing your hair,” Goldie said of her wishes for her children.

More than a decade has passed since Goldie made her move to Vancouver. But this year she returned to the big screen with a vengeance and an unlikely co-star - the brash and brazen comedienne Amy Schumer in the movie ‘Snatched’.

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