The Morning Show with the stars of Beverly Hills 90210!

Teen drama series Beverly Hills, 90210 went on to become a television phenomenon in the '90s -- with many of the stars, like Luke Perry and Jason Priestley -- going on to become teen idols and household names. And we've been lucky enough to have a few of them visit us on The Morning Show!

Back in 2012, we caught up with Luke Perry, AKA Dylan McKay, who appeared in eight out of the ten seasons in the show's initial run in the '90s.

"The thing about having a career that's lasted any length of time is, people are always gonna wanna talk about these things. And I know they're not going away, with reruns and such. And I'm proud of the work we did," Perry told us.

And of course, there was Dylan's best friend Brandon -- played by Jason Priestley.

"[Luke Perry] is my brother from another mother," said Priestley on the show. "There wouldn't have been a '90s without me and without Luke. He's the Yin to my Yang."

Ian Ziering, AKA Steve Sanders, was one of only four series regulars to appear in all ten seasons of the show.

"It was some of the best times of my life," Ziering said. "In that entire run, I never missed one day of work. I would go in if I was sick, if I had a cold, it didn't matter."

"Steve Sanders was kinda like playing in a jungle gym. He had a great arc over the ten years, and I love what I do."

And of course, the franchise has led to a number of spin offs -- including Melrose Place, starring Grant Show -- who had guest appearances on Beverly Hills, 90210.

"I knew [Melrose Place] was going to be huge. It was the sister show to 90210, so I knew it was going to be huge."