The Island of the Immortals: The search for eternal youth

Making it to 100 once seemed like an impossible goal – and if you got a letter from the Queen you knew you’d earned it.

But now, reaching that magic century is tantalisingly close for all of us.

Scientists have just developed a miracle pill they say will not only help us live longer, but make those years healthier as well.

But it’s not just scientists who think they have the answers.

The residents on the island have their own theories as to how they've reached the age of 100.
The island in the Mediterranean has been nicknamed 'The Island of the Immortals'.

On an island in the Mediterranean, so many residents have surpassed the age of 100 that it’s been nicknamed 'The Island of the Immortals'.

This Sunday, Denham Hitchcock reveals the surprising results of a global search for the secret to a much longer and healthier life.

Could the answer lie in a single pill?

Sunday Night 8.30pm | Only on Channel 7