The bizarre story behind the man 'killed' in three terror attacks

Krystal Johnson

According to social media, "Alfonso" has been tragically killed three times over in high-profile terror attacks across the globe over the past two month.

In a twisted revenge plot, the man pictured is actually a victim of a ongoing prank by former friends who say the "dead man" scammed them of money, France24 reported.

The man is well and truly alive and currently resides in Mexico and claims there is no point talking to prosecutors over the issue.

This is a fake tweet claiming 'Alfonso' went down the the EgyptAir plane that was sent by a former friend of his. Photo: Twitter

"Alfonso" reportedly died in the EgyptAir crash, he was shot dead in the Orlando shooting massacre and he was tragically killed a third time in the bombing at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul.

“Help, my brother Alfonso was at Aturk Airport and we don’t know anything about him, please help #turkey,” @marty_batato tweeted after the Istanbul attack.

Another prankster tweeted to EgyptAir after the flight tragedy and said: "@EGYPTAIR my brother traveled there," @sidaxmejicano wrote. "I'm scared for her (sic) life. Please help me."

Then on June 28, the day that Istanbul Atatürk Airport was under attack, Twitter user @marty_batiato posted another photo of the same person claiming he was a potential victim.

"#help my brother Alfonso was on #Atatürk Airport and we dont (sic) know anything about him, help please help #Turkey," he wrote.

The sick prank doesn't stop there, the man has also been connected to a tragedy in Mexico where police shot at a crowd of people protesting education reform.

It was also tweeted that 'Alfonso' was killed in the recent Istanbul terror attack. Photo: Twitter

Instead of identifying him as a victim, the former friends made him out to be the person who ordered police to shoot the people.

The group of Twitter users who created the fake plot told the website that the man cheated them all of money and they now want the world to know his face and to ultimately "ruin his reputation".

“This man used to be my friend but he’s cheated money out of at least four people who I know,” one of the pranksters said.

"I lodged both civil and criminal complaints against him, but because the legal proceedings are dragging on and he still hasn’t given us back our money, we decided to punish him by posting his photo online."

“Our goal is to ruin his reputation. We want the whole world to recognise his face."

The NYT even put his picture on a video round-up of the victims' lives taken during the Orlando tragedy. Photo: NYT

The website tracked down the real "Alfonso" who told them that his face is every because of a legal dispute.

“I contacted several media outlets like the BBC and the New York Times and asked them to delete my photo but they never responded,” the unidentified man said.

But he claims he won't bother to take any legal action against his former friends because "in Mexico, nothing ever happens in these kinds of cases".