Woolworths $5 cleaning product people are raving about: 'It's the best'

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A $5 item from Woolies is causing waves online. Photo: Getty Images

If you're fed up of a streaky shower screen and soap scum around your sink, then this natural cleaner is great at getting rid of bathroom grime - and at just $5, users are raving about the eucalyptus oil based miracle liquid.

Bosito's Bathroom & Shower Cleaner, $5, is available at Woolworths, and contains no harmful chemicals. It contains eucalyptus oil harvested from the company's farm in Inglewood, Victoria - which cuts through soap scum and grime easily. It also removes mould and cleans mould stains - all without the need for bleach.

"Hands down, best bathroom cleaner ever," wrote one user on Facebook group Mums Who Clean. "It's the best," agrees another.


Bosito's Bathroom & Shower Cleaner,
Bosito's Bathroom & Shower Cleaner, $5, is a great way to get rid of streaky shower screens and bathroom grime. Credit: Bosito's

The spray also kills common household germs such as E.coli & Pseudomonas, and because it's made from a plant based formula, is safe for grey water and septic systems. It's vegan, palm oil free, safe to use around pets, and is also 100% Australian made and owned.

Although eucalyptus oil is the main ingredient, it also contains ethanol from natural sugars and naturally-sourced lactic acid.

All you need to do is spray surfaces with it, and wipe away with a damp cloth.

It works brilliantly on shower screens, mirrors, ceramics including tiles and basins (although avoid using it on marble and granite), bench tops, walls, bins and floors. If you have stubborn stains in your bathroom you need to remove, spray and leave for one minute, before wiping clean

"It's amazing and it smells so good!" one person wrote. It "The scum basically wiped off straight away!" said one user, who also noted that it leaves surface streak free.

Some people have noticed the liquid changes colour in the bottle, but you don't need to worry about this.

Bosito's says: "Due to the natural essential oils it contains it is normal for the colour to go from clear to a brownish tint over time. This is normal and does not mean reflect that the product has deteriorated."

If you like the smell of eucalyptus oil in your products, Bosito's have several other products in their range, which all get great reviews.

As well as cleaning products, we like their Sensitive Laundry Liquid, $7.70, which is excellent for people with allergies, the Aroma Sleep Mist, $12, which is lovely sprayed on pillows at bedtime to help you unwind, and their multipurpose Eucalyptus Spray, $11, which can be used for the relief of mild aches and pains and the symptoms of common colds.

Sensitive Laundry Liquid, $7.70,
Aroma Sleep Mist, $12,
Bosito's Eucalyptus Spray, $11

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