'Absolutely sickening': Violent danger lurking in photo of popular bike path

A dangerous booby trap has reportedly been erected along a popular path, putting users at risk of suffering a potentially serious injury.

A line of barely visible fishing line was spotted strung across a path in Noosa, on southern Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, on early Tuesday morning.

It was hanging at a height that would have collected people by either the head or neck if they were running or cycling the path, which is located between Shorehaven Drive and Reef Street in Noosa Waters.

Fortunately a man discovered it about 5.45am and removed it, before posting about the violent trap on Facebook to encourage others to keep their wits about them.

“Attention cyclists, runners (and) walkers etc. Take Care. This morning I discovered fishing line strung between trees at head or neck height for cyclists,” the man wrote to a local group.

The man cut down this fishing line after spotting it early Tuesday morning. Source: Facebook

He said the path was a renowned shortcut for local cyclists, and shared an image of the item to illustrate how hard it would have been to see.

‘That is very creepy’

The person responsible for the vile act was slammed in comments to the man’s post, with one person asserting that it was “very creepy”.

“They should get all CCTV footage in the area to see who did it,” they suggested.

“What kind of low life scum does something like that?,” someone else wrote in a comment.

“That's absolutely sickening.... so glad you saw it and removed it,” another said.

Queensland Police told Yahoo News Australia the fishing line had not been officially reported.

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