Cyclist sent flying through the air after collision with car – but who's at fault?

Dashcam footage of a car and cyclist crash has spurred debate online, with people divided on who is at fault.

The footage, which was shared by Dash Cam Owners Australia, was filmed on the intersection of St Georges Road and Clauscen Street, in Fitzroy North, Melbourne.

A van stopped next to an intersection is queuing to go straight, while a black car is seen trying to turn down the street to the left of the van.

About 13 seconds into the video a cyclist is seen flying up the inside next to the gutter, as the black car slowly makes a right-hand turn down the side street in front of the van.

While the white van obscures the collision, the cyclist can be seen hitting the car’s bonnet and the bike is sent flying into the air.

Dashcam video shows a black car trying to turn through queued traffic at a Fitzroy North intersection in Melbourne. Source: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia
Facebook users were divided over who was in the wrong when a car and cyclist collided on the streets of Melbourne. Source: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia

While other cyclists and pedestrians are seen rushing over to the cyclist, the driver in the white van carefully slips by the black car and an oncoming tram and leaves the scene.

In the comments, people were divided and debated who was in the wrong.

“Time to sit back with a beer and enjoy the comments,” someone joked.

One person said the cyclist was “not riding to conditions”, given the “built up traffic, tram, intersection, van blocking visual”.

“All the signs are there to approach with caution,” they said.

“Vehicle turning that cyclist collided with was stationery and proceeded cautiously.”

“If the car had actually proceeded cautiously, it wouldn't have hit the cyclist,” someone fired back.

“It wasn't the bike that ran into the car.”

One person, who said they are a cyclist said the cyclist should have exercised more caution as the van blocked the view of the intersection.

The cyclist is seen hitting the car's bonnet and the bike flies through the air. Source: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia
Ouch! The cyclist is seen hitting the turning car's bonnet. Source: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia

“How can the car be expected to see the bike?” they questioned.

“The common sense rule is the same for everyone,” someone offered.

“If you can’t see past a stationary vehicle you pass with caution”

Someone said in the comments the Fitzroy North area was “bike central”, adding it was most likely a “major bike route in and out of the CBD”.

While most people in the comments took sides, debating whether it was the driver or the cyclist in the wrong, some directed attention to the van driver exiting the scene.

“The van driver has 99 problems and the cyclist ain’t one of them,”

“Lol @ Van disappearing quicker than Harold Holt,” someone said, referencing the Australian Prime Minister who vanished after going for a swim.

“Wonder if they’ll name a driving school after him,” someone else joked.

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