Tesla's camera captures boomer's alleged crime in Aussie car park

A boomer has allegedly made a costly error, seemingly unaware of the technology a Tesla car boasts.

A Tesla car has captured footage of an elderly duo allegedly keying parked cars in a popular shopping centre.

The footage obtained by 7News shows two senior citizens — one male and one female — get out of the same car one after another at Brisbane's Brookside Shopping Centre before approaching two luxury cars. A BMW is first allegedly keyed and the Tesla is next. Unbeknownst to the pair, the electric vehicle's external cameras catch the entire thing.

The Tesla driver, who chose to remain anonymous, has reportedly been quoted $2,000 in damages.

Left, the Tesla is keyed by a man holding a cigarette and bag. Right, another car is keyed by a woman covering her hand.
The Tesla caught two individuals allegedly key luxury cars in the Brisbane shopping centre car park. Source: 7News

The incident occurred late last month and police have confirmed to Yahoo News Australia the man, 70, was arrested and charged with two counts of wilful damage on Wednesday. The woman is yet to be charged. It is likely the pair will be banned from the shopping centre.

"Obviously, when something wrong is being done, especially when there’s a crime being committed, we obviously don’t approve of it,” Brookside manager Greg Plaweck told 7News, saying he was "very disappointed" by the alleged behaviour.

Why did the pair choose to do this

The motivation behind the alleged act is unclear. The man accused of causing the damage is known to be a racing car enthusiast according to his social media, 7News reports.

Another motorist who found scratches on her car after parking it at the shopping centre on the same day questioned why someone would choose to do this.

"What's the point? What makes you want to key people's car?" a bemused and frustrated Brittany Ellis asked.

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