'Terrifying' discovery inside Victorian home: 'Unbelievable'

A Victorian house filled with wasps has shocked even professional pest controllers, who called the discovery of the giant nest "terrifying".

A professional from the Victorian-based pest control service DAP Pest Control documented the incredible discovery inside an abandoned home, saying he's "never seen anything like it".

"Fricking hell," the experienced exterminator said repeatedly as he walked towards the giant nest located in the bathroom.

"Oh my god."

The giant wasp nest found in an abandoned house in Healesville.
The giant wasp nest was found in an abandoned house in Healesville. Source: TiKkok

TikTok users declare wasp nest the 'craziest thing they've seen'

Describing the operation as "unbelievable", "terrifying" and something he'd "never seen before", the man documented the amazing feat in a follow up TikTok.

Donning a full suit and mask to protect himself from inevitably being stung by the insects, the professional pest controller went into the Healesville home, located 52km northeast of Melbourne, to tackle the situation which he described as "something out of an alien movie".

The pest removalist used a stick to remove the nest initially, resulting in pieces of it falling all around the bathroom.
The carnage from the wasp nest removal. Source: TikTok

Showing close-up videos of the incredible removal he began hitting the nest with a stick causing thousands of wasps to emerge from the nest, swarming the room.

He then shuts the door before spraying them, before opening the door again and continuing the process.

He occasionally picked up pieces of the nest saying it felt like "cardboard".

"Can you hear the buzzing?" he asked at one point. "This is unbelievable".

According to the TikTok, wasps' nests are usually on the ground making them harder to see which is what made the nest particularly unique.

The wasps were identified in a TikTok comment by the poster as European wasps, which according to Health Victoria are a pest because they are far more aggressive than native wasps.

A close up of the nest filmed by the pest removalist, who admitted he was 'terrified'.
The pest removalist admitted he was 'terrified' by the giant nest. Source: TikTok

TikTok users amazed by dangerous removal

The initial video showing the nest has been viewed 1.7 million times so far, with the follow-up clip being seen by 88,000 curious followers.

TikTokers were mesmerised — and terrified — by the video, commenting on the mission.

"That's a job for a flamethrower my friend," one user declared, with another agreeing: "this is the only answer".

Others were impressed at the wasp's architectural skills.

"How do they make it??? It’s pretty spectacular," one TikToker wrote.

"It’s gorgeous and terrifying all at the same time," another marvelled.

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