'Terrifying' reason Aussie OnlyFans model was detained at airport

An OnlyFans star from the Gold Coast claims she was detained at Los Angeles airport for five hours because customs officers thought her friend was intending to work as an escort in the US.

Mikaela Testa told her TikTok followers that she made sure she “looked really, really bad” before landing at LAX in California as she knew “US customs are really strict".

The 22-year-old then went on to explain how her friend Trinity “pulls up looking hot” who gets asked if she has a return flight, and after saying no is sent straight to the “detained area” by a customs officer.

Mikaela Testa.
Mikaela Testa says she was held at LAX airport in California for five hours because customs thought she and her friend were escorts. Source: Instagram

“I know for a fact that he thought she was a prostitute or an escort looking to work in the US because they love detaining Australian girls and accusing them of that until they tell the truth,” she said in the viral video.

“I have so many Australian girlfriends that have spent days in that detained room being told that they are escorts and to just tell the truth.”

“I know so many girls that have been sent home.”

Customs went through girls' 'explicit photos'

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 220,000 times, Ms Testa says both she and Trinity were detained in a room at the airport for five hours.

“They make you just watch this TV that has really bad American advertisements,” she told fans, adding that they were ''starving'' and that there was no food.

“They go through your entire camera roll, all of your messages and they make a decision whether they are going to send you home or not,”

She said that while they were detained, officers went through the phones of “two strippers” and a bunch of their “explicit photos"

“They were just like cracking up, like so unprofessional,” the 22-year-old said.

“They were all laughing looking at these girls’ phones.”

“And you’re not allowed to touch your phone at all. If you get caught touching your phone, you’re basically dead.”

After five hours, Ms Testa said she and her friend were told to go.

“They finally let us out at the end,” she said.

“We were literally the last people out of the detained room.

“I think the guys just wanted to keep us around for longer.”

Mikaela Testa pictured left and right.
The 22-year-old Onlyfans creator says she knows so many Aussie girls who've been sent home by customs officials. Source: Instagram

Tiktok followers respond: 'Seems illegal'

The social media star has received an outpouring of support following her ordeal.

“They can go through your camera roll?” one person asked. “That seems illegal.”

“LAX customs are the worst,” another said. “Every time they tell me I’m too young and too pretty to be travelling alone and ask how I paid for these flights by myself.”

“That is absolutely terrifying, being scared to travel just because of your lux,” someone else added.

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