Terrifying footage shows small boy climbing sixth-floor balcony railing

A man has captured the moment a neighbouring child climbed a guardrail 24 metres above the ground.

A worried neighbour has filmed the nail-biting moment a little boy living in a nearby building tried to climb over the railing of a 24-metre-high balcony.

The man was horrified to see the child roaming freely around the sixth-floor balcony in southern China, and hopping onto the guardrail to reach a tricycle on an outer ledge made for an air conditioning unit.

Boy climbing balcony railing
Footage of a small boy climbing a balcony railing 24 metres above the ground has shocked millions of viewers. Source: AsiaWire/Australscope

As the boy - who appears to be five or six years old - dangles his left leg over the railing, the camera turns downwards to show the jaw-dropping height he is loosely hanging over. But the boy appears to ignore the danger and seems only interested in getting to his toy.

As he leans further out, the neighbour yells at the boy to get down, which startles the child. He quickly gets off the guardrail and sits on another toy with his back turned, seemingly trying to feign innocence. Fortunately, the man's timely reaction prevented a potential tragedy.

Local authorities later alerted the child's parents to the incident, who removed all the items from the ledge outside the balcony and thanked the neighbour for helping their son.

Social media outcry

the footage of the incident was shared on Douyin, China's version of TikTok, horrifying viewers who criticised the parents for leaving the child unsupervised on an open balcony. "They're not being responsible at all," commented one viewer. "I'm really speechless! It will be too late for regrets after he falls!"

- AsiaWire/Australscope

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