Airbnb guest wakes to find out she wasn't alone overnight: 'Terrifying'

The female traveller said she woke up to find a 'crime scene' in her bedroom.

A woman was shocked to wake up to a "crime scene" in her Airbnb bedroom, realising that she'd unknowingly shared her bed with someone, or something, else.

The tourist, named Shannon, discovered one side of her bed covered in urine and faeces, later concluding that a possum was to blame for the unsightly mess.

"There's poo on the floor. It's an animal, I've just woken up to a crime scene and I didn't know about it all night," the traveller said in a video on TikTok. "I slept on that side of the bed and I've woken up and this is here.

"We're in a beautiful Airbnb and something has slept with me and I don't know what it was," she added showing the urine and faeces centimetres from where she'd been sleeping.

Possum urine and poo on bed and floor in Airbnb.
The woman woke up to find urine and excrement all over her bed and bedroom floor. Source: TikTok

Airbnb hosts rush to woman's aid

Shannon filmed the trail of destruction left behind by the nocturnal marsupial, with footprints, excrement and dirt scattered across the bedroom. One side of the bed is stained yellow from the urine and possum poop is all over the floor and bedsheets. "I slept on that side, this was not me," Shannon reiterated.

The traveller said the Airbnb hosts were "incredible" in responding to her call for help and rushed to her aid right away.

"We went sightseeing today and they came — new mattress, new linen, everything is thrown out," she explained in a follow-up clip.

Shannon concluded the animal must have made its way in via the open fireplace in her bedroom. "They boarded up the fireplace so my little mate couldn't visit me last night. Can confirm though, I did not sleep very well," she said.

Social media reacts to 'terrifying' Airbnb stay

Her videos detailing the possum's stunt have collectively garnered over 200,000 views. In the comments, Shannon joked she was "a bit sad that [she] didn't get to meet him".

"I mean, not in the middle of the night in my bed, but the morning would have worked for me," she said. The woman also said the possum was "quite the gentleman" to not have disturbed her while she slept.

"I'm sorry but that is terrifying," one person said of the unexpected visit. "I'd never sleep well again," another added. Others said it was "insane" that she managed to sleep through the animal's adventures. "You must be a really heavy sleeper," one concluded.

Double bed with white bedsheets and fireplace inside Airbnb bedroom.
The Airbnb hosts came the next day to board up the fireplaces and replace the bedsheets. Source: TikTok

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