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'Saved our marriage!': Tempur-Pedic's miraculous pillow has a secret — and it's nearly 50% off

Luxury pillows usually have the price tags to match, so when we find one that's on sale — especially one from a brand as beloved as Tempur-Pedic — we need to share the good fortune. Case in point: The Tempur-Pedic Symphony Pillow is now a whopping 49% off when you buy a single pillow.

Finally a dual-sided pillow! One side is slightly arched for back sleepers, while the other is flatter for stomach and side sleepers.

$61 at Amazon

The Symphony is designed to support and swaddle any kind of sleeper. One side boasts a gentle arch for back sleepers; flip it over and you'll find a flatter surface for stomach and side sleepers. Both sides are made from plush memory foam, so no matter which you prefer, your head and neck will be gently cradled as you drift off to dream time.

The pillow is also assembled in the USA using that beloved shape-retaining Tempur material. It's easy to clean, too — the hypoallergenic cover can just be chucked in the wash.

Tempur-Pedic pillow
When you're done swooning over this 49% markdown, make sure to add one or two of these to your cart. (Photo: Amazon)

"This is the best pillow I’ve ever had. So much better than any other memory foam pillow I’ve had," one of over 2,000 verified five-star shoppers reported. "...That thing is like sleeping on a rock. This one allows me comfort even with my worst migraines. So thank you for finally providing me relief."

Another shopper swore it helped ease their upper body pain!

"I had severe neck/shoulder/upper arm pain, couldn't sleep." shared one shocked shopper. "Doctor, PT, acupuncture, nothing made it go away. Literally one single night sleeping with this pillow (concave side) and my neck/ shoulder upper arm pain was gone. Happily flabbergasted!"

One shopper even swore it kept her from divorcing her husband.

"Snoring gone down 90%," she shared. "My husband is diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed a CPAP. He does not use it. Before this pillow went through many pillows and I just wanted to pull my hair out. His snoring is still there but hardly noticeable. Saved our marriage!"

The 100% polyester, hypoallergenic cover is removable and machine washable to keep your pillow nice and clean. 

$61 at Amazon

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