Teens labelled 'brainless' after shocking find in learner driver's boot

Not only was the driver allegedly a learner, there were also several other offences taking place when police pulled the speeding Commodore over.

Aussies are in shock after photos emerged showing a total of 10 teenagers occupying a five-seat vehicle that was apprehended by police over the weekend, with the driver allegedly caught speeding and displaying P-plates despite being a learner.

Just after 11pm on Saturday NSW Police officers on patrol targeting drug and alcohol affected drivers detected a Holden Commodore travelling at 87 kilometres per hour in a 70km/h zone along Dunheved Road in Werrington, in Sydney's west.

Some of the 10 teenagers found piled into a Holden Commodore in Sydney.
A total of 10 teenagers were found piled into a Holden Commodore in Sydney at the weekend. Source: NSW Police

10 teens allegedly found piled into Commodore

As the vehicle, driven by a 17-year-old boy, came to a stop, police noticed the "boot to be opened then closed while moving".

It was soon determined the teenage driver did not hold red P-plates as displayed and was in fact a learner. Five other teens were then found crammed into the rear passenger seats and two in the boot.

The driver was charged with driving as an unaccompanied learner, not displaying L-plates, not complying with police direction, exceeding speed by over 10kph and driving with four or more passengers unrestrained.

Police said the young passengers in the rear of the vehicle were issued penalty notices for occupying the same seat as others, and the two young passengers in the boot were issued penalty notices for travelling in or on the boot of a motor vehicle.

Aussies outraged by 'stupidity'

Images of the ordeal were posted to NSW Police's social media, prompting outrage from frustrated Aussies who criticised the group for their "stupidity" and "brainless" actions.

"Incomprehensible," one man wrote. "Can someone please tell me what is happening with the mindset of young children and teenagers these days?" a woman said.

An image of teenagers crammed inside a Holden Commodore in Sydney
The driver was allegedly a learner, and was unaccompanied. Source: NSW Police

"That’s 10 young people you just saved, well done," a woman said, praising the responding officers. "When on earth will they learn? Take them to the trauma ward. Maybe that will make them think," said another.

"It’s sad to say this is a fantastic result given this could’ve been 100 times worse. Sad because kids don’t seem to be getting the message. I hope their parents understand the enormity of this, given recent events," another recalled.

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