Teenager stabbed as wild brawl engulfs 18th birthday party

Teenager stabbed as wild brawl turns engulfs 18th birthday party

An 18th birthday party has ended in violence with a teenager stabbed multiple times in Sydney.

Silverwater residents raised the alarm when they heard the victim groaning in pain as he lay bleeding in their driveway, 40 minutes after police broke up a brawl.

Paramedics worked desperately to stem the flow of blood from stabwounds to Feleti Paseka’s stomach.

A resident who called Triple 0 did not even know the victim was in his driveway.

At daylight the remnants of the 18th birthday party gone awry showed the evidence of the street brawl from 40 minutes before Paseka was found.

A blood trail suggests the two may be linked.

If so, the 18 year old risked his own life by staggering 100s of metres from where he was stabbed.

Police said they believed his injuries may have been sustained during the brawl.

Asquith Street was closed for almost 12 hours as police methodically searched the pathway, gutters and front yards for clues as to who carried out the attack.

Investigators hope to interview Paseka as soon as he’s well enough to talk.

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