Teenage gang arrested after 24-hour rampage

A teenage gang has been arrested after four violent burglaries at convenience stores across Melbourne's north and west over 24 hours.

Armed with a hammer, a metal pole and a wheel brace the teenagers first went on a rampage in a St Albans shop – smashing a fridge and jumping the counter.

The store’s owner Thi Sau was left shaken and after 23 years is selling her business.

“I coudn’t see anything but their black eyes,” she said.

The gang raided four convenience stores armed with a hammer, a wheel brace and a metal pole. Source: 7 News

She said she’s having bad dreams and couldn’t sleep following the robbery.

Police said in a statement that the incidents occurred between 11.50pm Tuesday and 4.20pm on Wednesday.

A statement said that during one of the armed robberies a 67-year-old woman was struck over the head with a metal pole several times.

"She received facial injuries and was taken to hospital," the statement said.

The gang attacked another business soon afterwards, but the owner fought back.

“He jumped the counter and tripped on the floor,” he said.

“And then I chased and them and they took off.”

The raids only continued as the gang terrorised four stores. Source: 7 News

After that confrontation, the gang raided two more stores before police eventually caught up to them on Thursday morning.

Four 16-year-olds, three 17-year-olds and an 18-year-old were arrested on a Deer Park street and the stolen items, including a car, were recovered.

They were charged with aggravated robbery and will all appear in court at a later time.