Teen forced to say sorry for jumping queue

A teenager was forced to stand in front a plane full of passengers and deliver a groveling apology for sneaking on board before his row was called.

Mac Breedlove was flying with his lacrosse team on a Southwest flight in the United States, reports CBSnews.com

A number of his team-mates were called to the front of the queue to board - and the teen tried to take advantage and cut in to secure a good seat.

However, he was caught by the flight attendants and, with the blessing of the team coach, made to apologize to the passengers via the public address system.

He said: "My fellow travelers today I address you with great remorse. During the boarding process, I took advantage of this airline’s kindness."

"This is not the way my coaches, teammates, or parents expect me to behave, and for all of this, I apologize.

"I hope you will all find it in your hearts to forgive me, for I am just a young man that (sic) thinks I’m smarter than I am.

"Enjoy your flight and remember to fly Southwest, because they let my coach do this to me."

While passengers booed when he admitted what he had done wrong, many then applauded after he apologized.