Teen calls mum as bears eat her

A Russian teenager spoke to her mother by telephone for more than an hour as she was eaten alive by bears.

The Daily Mail reports that Olga Moskalyova, 19, gave a chilling hour-long running commentary on her own death in three separate calls as the wild animals mauled her near a river in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, eastern Siberia, recently.

Olga's distraught mother Tatiana listened on a mobile phone as her teenage screamed: "Mum, the bear is eating me! Mum, it’s such agony. Mum, help."

"Mum, the bears are back. She came back and brought her three babies. They’re... eating me.

"Mum, it’s not hurting any more. I don’t feel the pain. Forgive me for everything, I love you so much."

Tatiana told London's Daily Mail that at first she thought her daughter was joking.

"But then I heard the real horror and pain in Olga’s voice, and the sounds of a bear growling and chewing," she added. "I could have died then and there from shock."

Unknown to Tatiana, the bear had already killed her husband Igor Tsyganenkov, Olga’s stepfather, breaking his neck and smashing his skull, according to the Daily Mail.

Olga, a trainee psychologist, saw the attack on her stepfather in tall grass by the river. The bears chased her for about 70 metres before they grabbed her leg.

Tatiana alerted authorities and when they arrived half an hour later, the bears were still eating the pair, the Daily Mail reports.