Top doctor labels 63-year-old IVF mum selfish

Karen O'Sullivan

The head of AMA has criticised the use of medical technology that resulted in a 63-year-old woman getting pregnant and becoming Australia's oldest woman to give birth.

Michael Gannon, an obstetrician from WA, tweeted this morning saying it was 'madness' and there were greater priorities in women's health.

He said the child would start it's life in intensive care and asked: "Anyone thought ahead to its teens? Selfish, wrong."

Dr Gannon also said the rights of taxpayers needed to be considered.

The unidentified woman and her 78-year-old partner welcomed the arrival of their baby girl at the Frances Perry House Private Hospital in Melbourne on Monday.

The 63-year-old woman and her 78-year-old partner have welcomed their baby girl in Melbourne. Photo: 7 News/Supplied
The baby girl was conceived through IVF. Photo: 7 News

The premature bub was delivered by cesarean section and both mum and baby are said to be recovering well.

The couple had reportedly tried multiple times to have children including several failed in-vitro fertilisation attempts, but the pair finally conceived through IVF overseas, using a donor embryo.

The woman has become the oldest in Australia to give birth. Photo: 7 News/Supplied

The birth has made Australian history, with the previous record set in 2010 by a 60-year-old woman.

The parents and their new arrival are expected to stay in hospital for a few more days before returning home.