Is this Sydney's biggest rental rip off?

While the extortionate rental market appears to be cooling off in Sydney, one online ad for a shared room in the city’s CBD looks to quash that trend.

On Tuesday, a listing was shared on a Facebook page asking if anyone was willing to move into a two-bedroom apartment in the conveniently located Haymarket for just $180 a week.

The catch? Any interested applicant will have to share the bedroom with three other people, not to mention the whole apartment with another four.

The shared living room doesn’t seem too appealing. Source: Facebook

The woman who placed the ad online told Yahoo7 News she had been living there “for ages” and the apartment was “perfect” despite the bunk beds.

She confirmed the landlord pocketed a rosy $1440 a week from the eight cramped residents.

The lack of space and privacy didn’t appear to bother her too much, as she noted a gym and pool facilities in the building were an added sweetener in the deal.

Eight people share the two bedrooms thanks to the clever use of bunk beds. Source: Facebook
New residents might find it difficult to find any spare space on the shoe rack or in the kitchen. Source: Facebook

She went as far to say the mattress on the bunk bed was “comfy”.

According to, the average rental price for a unit in Haymarket is $840.

It’s not the first time a room ad in Sydney has turned heads for the wrong reasons after one woman listed a tiny room in Bondi for $200 a week.

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