Sydney woman's 'cheeky' dog poster sparks debate: 'Do people do this?'

An advert for a “part time dog” has ignited debate online after the poster appealed for an “alternative family” for her four-legged baby

“Do you love dogs?” the advertisement read, “but you are too busy to have a full-time commitment or too much financially?”

“Tedy is looking for an alternative family. Would you like or your kids to have a dog?”

Sitting snugly in a blue tote bag with his head popping out, Tedy, a small light-coloured toy dog, was pictured in two adorable photos.

“My mum is happy to share me with you on weekend or afternoon (as per agreement),” the ad continued, “for an exchange to look after me when she is travelling.”

The 'part time dog' advert.
The 'part time dog' advert went viral after it was spotted in Sydney. Source: Reddit

Pawsome post divides the internet

The ad, spotted in Sydney, was shared on Reddit by one confused user.

“Do people do this or is this person looking for free dog sitting, lol...” they wrote.

Since being uploaded, the post has sparked controversy online.

“This is indeed a very clever way to get free pet sitting,” one person claimed.

“Seems a bit cheeky to me,” someone else said.

“That’s f***ed!” a riled up user added. “Dogs aren’t commodities to be shipped from pillar to post.”

“She should surrender the dog to a family that does have the time to commit to it fully. Completely irresponsible to take it on if you clearly travel way too much.”

While others claimed that they could never be separated from their beloved pet.

“I could never trust someone with my dog,” one woman wrote. “My goodness the anxiety this would induce for me.”

Tedy the dog.
The advertisement explained that Tedy was looking for an 'alternative family'. Source: reddit

However, the majority of those who responded to the Reddit post thought it was a great opportunity.

“I think it’s a fair deal so long as Tedy’s parent is paying for food etc while they are away,” someone said. “It’s free dog sitting but some people like having a temporary pet too.”

“I could understand this,” another added. “I would love a dog but don’t have the time to look after one.

“Having a timeshare dog would make sense.”

Others said it would be better than any alternatives.

“[It would be] better that they have somewhere familiar to go, with someone they know well when you’re on holidays than to put them in a kennel,” someone wrote.

“I’ve done this!” added another. “It actually worked really well, and the dog was always happy too!”

While the debate continued, some users couldn’t get around the fact that Tedy’s face had been hidden.

“Good thing they covered Tedy’s face,” one person wrote. “Wouldn’t want his true identity getting out.”

“He is wanted by 11 councils,” another replied, “for uncontrollable cuteness.”

"He has pawtected identity," joked a third.

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