Woman living with cystic fibrosis left abusive note for parking in disabled spot

A young mother reportedly living with cystic fibrosis has been left furious after she received an abusive note for parking in a disabled spot.

Toni Parkin, from Sydney’s west, parked her car at The Coffee Club, Nepean Square on Saturday with her disabled parking permit in full view.

But when she returned to her car she found an angry note condemning her for using the spot.

“You inconsiderate b****,” it reads.

The note shamed Ms Parkin for parking in a disabled spot. Source: Facebook/ Toni TJ Parkin

“How dare you park in disabled parking, one day you may need this spot.”

Ms Parkin shared a photo of the note on Facebook, criticising the “ignorant idiot” who left the note on her windshield.

“If only you knew my story,” she said.

“I guess you could not take the two seconds to note my disabled parking permit.

Ms Parkin reportedly lives with cystic fibrosis. Source: Facebook/ Toni TJ Parkin

“I really hope you learn that disabilities come in all shapes and sizes, hopefully one day you will not know what is like to need one of these.”

Her post has been shared 60 times with many Facebook users agreeing with her.

“It infuriates me how people are still so god damn stupid, arrogant and ignorant,” one user commented.

It’s not the first time a someone has been shamed by a cruel parking note for using a disabled spot.

Rowe also posted a picture of the original note onto her social media accounts that has since gone viral with people furious that she has been targeted.

In February last year Sydney woman Lauren Rowe, an organ donation campaigner and CF survivor, was left stunned when she discovered a callous note outside a cinema in Campbelltown.

The 26-year-old posted the note on social media saying it was not the first time it had happened to her either.

"I have it (the parking permit) for the days I struggle to breathe as I have cystic fibrosis and had a double lung transplant, diabetes and osteoporosis,” she said.

Ms Rowe's lungs work at just 30 per cent at the capacity of a healthy adult and she struggles to breathe even when she is sitting still.

Lauren Rowe has created lots of informative videos on YouTube about different illnesses. Photo: YouTube