Sydney woman fumes over 'wild' $25 bagel: 'I feel sick'

Hannah Bowman was shocked by the cost of her meal, which some social media users called 'criminal'.

A woman claims she was faced with a $25 bill at a Sydney eatery after ordering a smoked salmon bagel, admitting she "felt sick" after realising how much she was charged.

Hannah Bowman said she "went for a little walk" to grab a coffee and discovered the bakery nearby, so she decided to pick up the "delicious" meal for lunch.

But she wasn't expecting the hefty $25 price tag and claims she was a "victim of a heinous crime". Ms Bowman, a radio producer, didn't name the bakery or reveal where it was but said it was her first time eating there.

Sydney woman Hannah Bowman bagel.
Hannah claimed a smoked salmon bagel at a Sydney bakery cost her $25. Source: TikTok

In a video posted to TikTok this week, the Sydney woman appeared shocked by the price of her food and explained she didn't realise it was $25 until she went to tap her card. "Honestly I think I was in shock and didn’t realise what had happened til I walked out," she said responding to comments. "It's actually wild," she added.

'Inflation is real'

In the video, she questioned whether the price of the bagel was a mistake but did not say whether she contacted the bakery to check. She accompanied the video with the hashtags #costofliving and #sydneyfood, taking aim at rising inflation costs that are crippling the country.

"I know inflation is real but that's a bit too much," one person agreed in the comments. "But it does look good and it does look a decent size," they added.

One said the price was "shocking" and another agreed "it’s just getting crazy in Sydney". Some called the costly bagel "disgusting" and "criminal".

Rising cost of food in Australia

Aussies are still coming to terms with higher-than-normal food prices, and recently, a Sydney restaurant manager was forced to defend his menu.

The price of a chicken schnitzel at the Five Dock Bowling Club was slammed by diners, with many claiming $38 is a "rip off".

It's not just eating out that's leaving Aussies shocked, but the cost of groceries too. Last week, a photo showing the price of Easter eggs at Woolworths stunned shoppers who claimed chocolate this year is "obscenely expensive".

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