Aussie influencer slams new burger chain after getting $70 receipt

A Sydney woman has sworn off eating at the fast food chain Five Guys after splashing $70 on a couple of burger meals.

Fashion influencer Danielle Stevens, 20, called out the popular US burger chain in a video on TikTok and said the food she ordered is "definitely not worth" what she paid.

Five Guys was founded in the US and launched in Australia in September 2021. It's known for its fast food options including burgers, fries and milkshakes and has gained a huge worldwide following. But the hefty price at Sydney's Penrith store has left some hesitant to return, including Ms Stevens.

Fashion influencer Danielle Stevens,at Five Guys.
Fashion influencer Danielle Stevens, 20, slammed the price of food at the popular fast food chain Five Guys. Source: TikTok/Instagram

"I will never be going to Five Guys again," she said on social media, adding that she was left "disappointed" by her visit with her boyfriend. "We got two burgers, two chips and two drinks," she explained, showing her receipt. "It wasn't a gourmet meal, it was just some chips and some burgers."

One burger believed to be the 'Bacon Cheeseburger' cost the couple $22, the receipt shows. There were also two servings of chips priced at $5.90 and $7.90. Ms Stevens explained she ordered a "smaller burger" — the little bacon cheeseburger — than her boyfriend, but hers still cost a whopping $19. Meanwhile, a chocolate milkshake set them back almost $10.

Five Guys burger and receipt pictured.
The woman shared her receipt which showed thw cost of two burgers, two fries and two drinks totalling over $70. Source: TikTok

Customers slam 'expensive' food at Five Guys

Posting in the comments, one person said the same would cost "35 bucks here in the states," which is about $50 AUD. "The burgers are anywhere between 6.50 (AU$9.55) and 10.50 (AU$15.43) for 2 patties," they said.

The woman's bad review resonated with many who also slammed the burger chain's prices.

"Five Guys burgers are not good enough to pay $22. Crazy they would even charge such an outrageous price," one said. "5 guys is my favourite fast food burger but it’s so damn expensive!" said another.

While the food chain remains a firm favourite for some, one TikTok user argued it's "barely better than McDonald's" where a meal is significantly cheaper. One described the food as "ordinary" implying it was not worth the price, while one person labelled it "a joke".

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