Sydney mother told to stop toddler making 'excessive noise' or may be fined $550

Krystal Johnson and Sunrise

A Sydney mother has received a letter from her apartment building's strata company telling her that she needs to control her toddler from making “excessive noise” otherwise they may take legal action.

Janin Mayer, 33, has been living in the two-bedroom Vaucluse apartment with her 19-month-old child Elliav and her husband Evi, 35, since December and pays $560 a week in rent.

The infuriated mother posted the letter she received from Bright & Duggan on Facebook which claims she and her toddler are "disturbing other residents".

Janin Mayer has lived in the Vaucluse apartment with her toddler and husband since December. Photo: Sunrise
This is the apartment block owned by Bright & Duggan. Photo: Sunrise

Ms Mayer is pregnant with her second child and said she feels threatened by the distressing tone of the letter.

“Living harmoniously within a strata scheme requires all occupiers to be aware and considerate of each other,” it reads. “Strata by-laws are adopted to give guidance and outline the standard of behaviour expected to ensure that all residents enjoy a peaceful existence," the letter reads.

“It has been brought to our attention that excessive noise, in the form of your child shouting and screaming, is emanating from your apartment from early in the morning to very late at night on a regular basis.

"This is disturbing other residents and as such you are in breach of the strata scheme by-laws.

“Please refrain from allowing your child to create excessive noise immediately and into the future. You must be mindful of other residents and keep noise levels to a minimum at all times.

“Continued breaches of the by-laws may result in the matter being taken further and a fine of $550 being imposed by the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal.”

This is the letter Janin received from her apartment building's strata company. Photo: Sunrise

Ms Mayer said she received the letter without warning from her neighbours and told News Limited she keeps her windows shut and tries to contain the noise.

"He’s a toddler, that’s what toddlers do. There are other kids in the building but they are a bit older," she said.

Friends on Facebook have been incredibly supportive and say they are in disbelief and "disgusted" over the letter.

However, when residents of Vaucluse were asked what they thought of the message their responses were not as supportive.

“I have an eight-year-old and i think that with the density of living around here i think it is completely unreasonable to fine somebody like that,” a resident told Sunrise.

Another resident said the mother should "keep the noise to a minimum".

One woman is divided and claims it is unfair to both parties.

“It can get annoying and it is ridiculous and it’s not fair for the public,” she said.

“But some people need to be a little bit more considerate because if they don’t have their own kids, they don’t understand what’s going on.”

Vaucluse residentswere unhappy the toddler makes ‘excessive noise’ and now the mother may face a $550 fine. Photo: Sunrise

Ms Mayer said she is frustrated that her neighbours didn't speak with her before running straight to the strata company.

Radio broadcaster, Chris Smith, is a dad to twins and understands the struggles of being a parent.

“Babies can’t talk, they cry,” Mr Smith said, adding that neighbors should be up front and offer assistance when needed so everyone can get some “sleep”.

The mother hasn’t received any threats of violence but she is considering moving from Sydney due to the attitude of her neighbours.

Yahoo7 have contacted Bright & Duggan for a statement but are yet to receive a response.