WATCH: Two businessmen brawl in the middle of traffic in Sydney road rage incident

The gloves and suit jackets were off for two Sydney businessmen who exchanged blows in a shocking road rage incident.

Dashcam footage captured the moment a BMW driver clashed with a Skoda motorist at Terrey Hills as they became stuck in traffic on Mona Vale Road on their way to work.

The two men can be seen grappling with arms locked around each before the man in the light blue shirt unleashes a series of punches, with some appearing below the belt.

The men could be seen grappling with one another. Source: Facebook/ DashCam Owners Australia

The other man, wearing a darker blue shirt, manages to swing the momentum with a headlock before turning his opponent round as the pair separate.

The men then briefly exchange looks with one another before remarkably returning calmly to their vehicles as traffic begins to move again.

The video was shared to DashCam Owners Australia's Facebook page and was quickly inundated with comments ridiculing the two men involved in the scrap.

One of the men unleashed a tight squeezing headlock on the other. Source: Facebook/ DashCam Owners Australia

“Here we see an example of two male Sydneysider, in the mating season, fiercely protecting their territory of the right lane," one user joked with his best Sir David Attenborough impression.

Some speculated the cause of the altercation, suggesting the reason was for more trivial than what it appeared.

"When you see Ben from accounting in front of you and you remember there was only one roma espresso pod left in the break room at work..." another comment read.

It is unclear what actually caused the conflict, however a number of comments hint at this particular stretch of road as a constant irritant during rush hour with many drivers hogging the right hand lane.

The pair eventually decided to call it quits and calmly returned to their cars. Source: Facebook/ DashCam Owners Australia