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Sydney aircraft noise on the rise

Sydney aircraft noise on the rise

FIRST ON 7: Second airport or not, residents in suburbs across Sydney are increasingly hearing aircraft noise, as we all share the pain.

Airservices Australia says there is virtually nowhere that is completely free from the roar of engines.

Tiffany Crittle's suburb of Leichhardt is right under a flight path. She has only lived there for six months, but says the noise really affects her.

"[Especially] when I'm watching television or trying to put my daughter to bed," she said.

But Greg Atkins from Airservices Australia says it isn't just Leichhardt - all across Sydney the noise is spreading.

Fringe areas that were previously quiet are finding themselves beneath flight paths.

"There's virtually nowhere in Sydney that's not affected in some perspective by aircraft noise," Atkins said.

The areas that people regard as noisy suburbs are Mascot, Kingsford, Tempe, Petersham and Stanmore.

But increased traffic and changes to runways due to weather, have seen the noise move to North Shore areas like Manly, Longueville and Hunters Hill, as well as the eastern suburbs.

"A lot of aircraft noise, especially when it's new, can have a negative impact on real estate prices, I think there's plenty of evidence to suggest that," SQM Property Research's Louis Christopher said.

Since the Sydney Olympics there has been a 25 per cent increase in flights to this airport and that is expected to grow by almost 60 per cent come 2030.

On a regular day air traffic controllers will direct close to 1,000 flights.

"It's been an increase and a change in the way we've done it, it's funny, it sort of creeps up on you," tower supervisor Paul Carroll said.

To see how you can track air traffic over your suburb, visit the Airservices Australia website.