'Suspicious' new details emerge following wheelie bin murder of Geoffrey McLean

Police have released CCTV showing two people acting suspiciously in the lead-up to the discovery of Geoffrey McLean's dismembered body.

Police have uncovered surveillance footage showing two people 'acting suspiciously' where the rotting, dismembered corpse of an Adelaide man was found in a wheelie bin last October.

Geoffrey McLean, 55, was identified as the murdered victim after going missing months earlier. His remains were discovered at Salisbury South in Adelaide’s northern suburbs by a worker clearing 1.5 metre-high grass on a vacant block on Cheviot Road.

In an ongoing investigation, police say CCTV footage from nearby industrial premises could hold a clue. The video — taken on August 24, five days before the 55-year-old was reported missing — was captured near the paddock where the remains were found, and shows two people wearing headlamps or carrying torches.

CCTV footage from industrial premises in Salisbury South near where Geoffrey McLean was found.
New CCTV footage could offer a clue into the murder of Adelaide man Geoffrey McLean. Source: SA Police

Detective Inspector Brett Featherby said it was not known if the two people were involved in the disposal of the bin containing Mr McLean's remains, but said they were "acting suspiciously".

"We believe they enter directly into the area where his remains were located," Insp Featherby said. "We'd like to identify those persons and identify what their role is in Geoffrey's murder."

Attempts were made to bury Geoffrey McLean's body

Investigations have confirmed there were attempts to bury Mr McLean in the paddock but those responsible gave up because the ground was too hard or because they were disturbed. Police discovered two shovels, a post hole digger and a garden fork nearby, and are now conducting checks with northern suburbs businesses to determine when and where they were purchased, they said.

Geoffrey McLean's remains were found in a wheelie bin at Salisbury South in October.
Geoffrey McLean's remains were found in a wheelie bin at Salisbury South in October. Source: SA Police

While the investigation into Mr McLean's death is progressing well, Insp Featherby said Mr McLean's head and limbs have still not been found.

Person with information urged to come forward

Insp Featherby said there have been 14 calls made to Crime Stoppers regarding the murder, but one caller in particular provided "accurate and credible information".

"The information that was provided was not only related to the murder but also to previous violent assaults on Mr McLean," he said."We believe the information, if we can speak to that caller further, will go a long way to solving the murder. That person can still remain anonymous."

Shovel, a post hole digger and a gardening fork found by SA Police.
Police found two shovels, a post hole digger and a gardening fork near the scene. Source: SA Police

In the lead-up to his death, Mr McLean had been the victim of a number of violent assaults. On April 10 he was attacked by a person with acid and three days later was struck with a log splitter and received serious head injuries.

On May 9 his car was set on fire at his Andrews Farm home, and on May 10 he had a bucket of acid thrown over him, causing serious burns to his upper back and shoulders.

Police believe the crime was "not drug-related".

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