Super-strong Melbourne dancer becomes online hit

Super-strong Melbourne dancer becomes online hit

A super-strong Melbourne breakdancer with some astonishing moves has become an online sensation.

A video of Simon Ata's extraordinary skill has notched up more than one million views on YouTube in just two weeks.

The 24-year-old's vein-popping work out is eye-popping for the rest of us.

The trained dancer's elite strength and agility makes it all look so effortless, but there's nothing easy about it, and even Simon admits, he too struggles at times.

"I'm not saying it's difficult, but I don't find it easy," he told reporter Paul Dowsley.

His five-minute clip was uploaded to the video-sharing website a month ago.

In just 15 days, it attracted one million hits, and the number of views has since climbed, but Simon hasn't made a cent.

"It wasn't there to make money out of, it was there to inspire people," he said.

They are moves he uses with his breakdancing crew, but he's not too fanatical, revealing he eats Coco Pops for breakfast and isn't a gym junkie.

"I'm not impressive in the gym, just strong at the moves I do," he said.

At home, partner Hanna and daughter, Lily, have joined in.

"It's great motivation because it helps me to keep in shape as well and keep fit," Hanna said. "We're teaching Lily some of the basics already."

Watch the video in full.