Living with Tourette s
Living with Tourette's

In the middle of Melbourne's busy Federation Square, 11-year-old Cameron Schubert falls to the ground unable to move his arms or legs.

It's a scary sight for those around him, but for Cameron it's part of his every day life with Tourette Syndrome.

Cameron is part of the one per cent of the childhood population who suffers from the neurological disorder characterised by tics; repetitive and involuntary movements or sounds.

Cameron says he feels anxious in public because of his Tourette's.

As well as vocal outbursts, Cameron has a paralysis tic, which causes him to lose function in his limbs for minutes at a time.

“I fall to the floor and I can’t move my body for a couple of minutes, sometimes it can be a bit longer,” Cameron tells Rahni Sadler in an interview to air on Sunday Night.

Instead of panicking, Cameron’s new mates, Adam Ladell and James Sayers, lie down on the ground next to him.

Cameron's friends Adam and James lie next to him in the middle of Federation Square.

It’s a moment that says plenty about their unique friendship.

Adam and James also suffer from Tourette’s and know what it’s like to stand out in a crowd.

The three boys formed a special bond while filming for Sunday Night, making a life changing impact on Cameron, the youngest of the trio.

All three boys have Tourette Syndrome and formed a strong bond while filming for Sunday Night.

“Sometimes I find when people stare at me when I’m making my noises and stuff, I find that sometimes I tic a lot more. I get really anxious and stuff,” he says.

“It just made me feel like I’m not the only one here with Tourette’s. I feel more comfortable ticking when I need to.”

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