Student's one crucial mistake on university assignment

A university student forgot to change one very crucial element of her assignment before submitting it online to be assessed by her teacher.

The young woman, a student at Missouri State University in the United States, was filmed in a distraught state after realising she had made an irreversible and highly embarrassing mistake.

In footage posted to video sharing site TikTok, the woman sat crying and yelling on the floor of her room as her roommate revealed the cause for her hysteria.

She had accidentally submitted her mid-term paper with a headline her professor was unlikely to have been very impressed with.

A distraught university student on the floor of her room after submitting a mid-term paper.
The student was notably distraught after realising her error. Source: TikTok/Hanspoet

“Stupid f***ing paper that has no meaning,” she titled her assessment, which was seen in the submitted version of the document after it had been uploaded to learning management site Blackboard.

The student was filmed hysterically crying while asking her roommate, “what am I supposed to do?”.

“Can you like, resubmit something on Blackboard?” she asked through tears.

As her roommate cackled, she snapped back saying, “this is not funny, I’m so sad”.

Despite the emotional ordeal, the video’s caption suggested there was little reason for her to get so worked up.

“Don’t worry, I gave her a hug after and her professor let her resubmit,” her roommate, who runs the account hanspoet, wrote.

The video went viral after being uploaded on Wednesday, attracting more than seven million views, more than 650,000 likes and over 5000 comments.

A mid-term paper with a profanity in its title that was submitted accidentally.
The teacher was unlikely to be impressed by the profanity used in the title. Source: TikTok/Hanspoet

Many viewers attempted to reassure the student, telling her the “catchy” headline would help her stand out.

“Honestly, don’t change it. It’s unique this way,” one comment read.

“Catchy title. It’s makes your paper stand out,” someone else wrote.

“Don’t change it. Paper titles are supposed to draw the reader in. This is perfect,” a third added.

Others tried convincing her that her professor might actually appreciate her mistake.

“I promise you. You made your professor’s whole career with this,” one such comment read.

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