Melbourne bar's brutal response to 'crippling' act

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A bar in Melbourne has taken harsh action in response to a “selfish” act it claims nearly crippled its business days after re-opening post lockdown.

Thirteen of the 20 people that made a reservation at Cherry Bar in the inner city for Thursday night never showed up, adding further strain to the barely surviving cocktail bar.

The bar took to social media in response to the disappointing no-shows, explaining it was crucial to its survival that it hosted its maximum capacity each night, which in accordance with Covid rules, was only 20 people.

“Cherry can only host 20 people inside at the moment. We have been taking bookings with no entry fee and no cancellation fee. Getting the full 20 people (that's a mere 8% of our licensed capacity) is critical,” the post to Facebook on Friday read.

Cherry Bar in Melbourne where 13 people didn't show up for their booking on Thursday evening.
Cherry Bar took aim at 13 no-shows on Thursday night who "crippled" its business. Source: Facebook/cherryacdclane

“Last night of the 20 bookings, 13 were ‘no shows’. This is heartbreaking.”

The bar said it was left with no choice but to introduce a non-refundable booking fee to dissuade people from not fronting up to their reservation.

“From today (Friday) we just have to introduce a $25 booking/holding fee, which will not be refunded if you don't turn up,” the post read.

“When you cripple us by booking and then not attending, well ... we have to charge you $25 for not allowing us to fill one of our coveted spots. Seem fair?”

The post received a huge reaction, with more than 2000 people responding and nearly 500 leaving a comment.

Many people seemed to be equally as peeved at the no-shows, condemning their selfish behaviour and encouraging the introduction of a booking fee.

A post to Facebook from the bar revealed it would be introducing a booking fee.
The bar was forced to introduce a $25 booking fee after 13 people didn't show up for their reservation. Source: Facebook/cherryacdclane

“I think that is more than fair and to those 13 people who did a no-show! That's just plain rude and selfish,” one person wrote.

“That is terrible! You have to charge a non refundable booking fee,” another said.

“Why would anyone do that after all these months of lockdown. Poor form. Hell yes sometimes there is a legitimate reason for not showing up but have the decency to ring. Booking fee and no refund definitely,” a third added.

Melbourne restaurants, cafes, pubs and retail stores reopened their doors from 11.59pm on Tuesday, for the first time 15 weeks.

Victoria reported one new case of coronavirus on Saturday.

It comes after the state recorded four new cases of coronavirus on Friday as its 14-day rolling average rose to 2.6 from 2.4, while mystery cases over a two-week period fell to two from four.

It was the first time the city’s 14-day rolling average rose in 17 days.

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