Student finds cocaine in terrorism textbook

A university student got more than she bargained for after a textbook ordered online arrived at her doorstep with a mysterious substance concealed in it.

Sopha Stockton had ordered a terrorism textbook for a class she is taking a Mid America Nazarene University but was alarmed when a bag of white powder fell out of the pages while she was leafing through it.

Stockton feared the package was Anthrax.

"Just a little tiny package falls out with white powder in it,” Stockton told Fox News, “And I’m like white powder just fell out of my terrorism book. And so my brother was like Oh, that’s scary.”

The next day Stockton carefully took the bag to the Gardner Police Department who then examined it and found the package contained cocaine worth nearly $400.

The book – titled Understanding Terrorism: Challenges, Perspectives and Issue - was marked "used," indicating an item shipped from a third-party Amazon Marketplace reseller.

Police said they are looking into the matter.

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