Strip club slammed for 'censoring' young Brit's death

The Melbourne strip club where a British woman was found dead has been slammed for censoring Facebook posts regarding her death.

Stacey Tierney was found dead in Dreams Gentleman’s Club on December 19, however it is believed she passed away 12 hours earlier after partying with several unknown men.

The strip club has since been ridiculed for not releasing a statement about her death.

“Stop deleting people’s posts RE: the death of Stacey Tierney. Your establishment has so far made zero public acknowledgment of the fact that this has even happened. This is a beyond shameful and beyond disrespectful way for you to be responding,” Mao Bedford commented.

“Shame on you all - carrying on like nothing has happened ~ rest in peace beautiful lady,” another wrote.

The popular strip club has been slammed for deleting Facebook comments regarding the young Brit's death
The popular strip club has been slammed for deleting Facebook comments regarding the young Brit's death

While the club is yet to make an official comment regarding her death, they still advertised their "Sexy Poker Tuesdays" event across social media.

It's claimed the men who were with Ms Tierney on the night she died fled the club. Her body was found the following day.

There is no suggestion the management of the club is implicated in Ms Tierney's death.

Her death was not reported to police or paramedics until Monday, Daily Mail reports.

Her devastated uncle, Graham Tierney broke the family’s silence on her death telling News Corp “she was and still will be my beautiful niece, a hard working young lady who was full of life and a lovely personality.”

Ms Rose said her friend’s behaviour was out of character prior to her death.

“She was healthy, didn't touch drugs and was so upbeat about life she wouldn't take her own life,” Ms Rose said.

In an interview with the Manchester Evening News her cousin Colleen said Ms Tierney was "such a free spirit".

“We obviously knew how great she was. We were so proud of her and spoke to her all the time," she said. “She was so fit and loved dancing. She came back for Christmas last year.”

Local police have confirmed they are investigating Ms Tierney's death.

A GoFundMe page has been launched to raise money to bring Ms Tierney's body back to Britain. It has exceeded the $17,000 target in only two days.