Stranger’s kind act for struggling mum outside Bunnings: ‘Faith restored’

The West Australian mum was prompted to share her 'gratitude' following the selfless move.

A woman driving out of a Bunnings car park has praised the kindness of a stranger who noticed that there was a problem with her car – and went as far as to pull over to help her out. The touching act has left many saying that their “faith” in humanity has been restored.

The West Australian mum took to social media to share her wonderful experience, explaining that she was driving out of a Bunnings car park when the man pointed to her car, clearly trying to send her a signal.

“After opening my window, he shouted 'you have a flat tyre'. Thanking him immediately, I made my way to the nearby 7-Eleven petrol station thinking it just needed air pumped … but no, it was completely flat,” she said.

A man changing a tyre on a white car (left) with a close-up of a hole in a wheel causing a flat tyre (right).
After noticing the woman had a baby in the car, the kind family offered a helping hand so that they got home safe. Source: Facebook

Kind family want to see woman 'make it home safely'

Unbeknownst to the woman, the man and his family had noticed she had a baby in the car, so they followed her to the petrol station. Initially, she “thought they were also filling up petrol” but was astounded when they got out of the car to offer a helping hand.

“They did not want my baby and I to end up in a car accident,” she said. “Asking me if I had a spare wheel, Ron got it out of my car, tools from his car and started to change the tyre, while one of his son joined to help,” she said.

Despite offering to buy them a carton of beer, or “anything else”, the family refused, insisting they “purely wanted my baby and I to make it home safely.”

Saying the family were a blessing to the community, she added: “society today makes a lot of us not want to mind other people’s business as you never know what would come back to bite you but today I am deeply grateful.”

Aussies 'faith restored' afterwards

Astounded Aussies responded to the woman's story by hailing the man for his actions with one stating that their "faith" in humanity was restored. Others urged the woman to "pay it forward" at the next opportunity.

"It is kindness like this that reminds us there are wonderful people out there," said one Aussie.

"I know what it's like having experienced two blow-outs with kids in the car and not being able to change the (sic) tyre," added another.

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