Stranger 'verbally abuses' Aussie influencer on street: 'Deserve to die'

Emilee Clark was taking photos outside a Gold Coast apartment block when she was approached by a resident.

An Aussie influencer admits to feeling "scared" after a stranger "verbally abused" her while she was filming a video outside a Gold Coast apartment complex on Tuesday.

Emilee Clark told Yahoo News Australia she is from Brisbane but regularly records fashion content around the Gold Coast, but on this occasion she was met with vile abuse by an elderly resident.

In the footage a woman is heard hurling insults at the 31-year-old wearing a strapless bright-pink bodycon dress and white heels outside the luxury Mali Residence in Broadbeach.

Instagram influencer Emilee Clark filming content outside Mali apartments in Broadbeach in pink dress.
Emilee Clark, 31, was filming content outside the apartment block when an older resident began hurling insults at her. Source: Supplied

"I’m not affecting you in any way," Ms Clarke is heard, but not seen, telling the woman. "You’re affecting me because we pay lots of money to live here and we don’t want somebody like you, who is really cheap," the woman says.

The content creator replied that she wasn’t cheap, but the woman continued her fiery tirade. "How much you charge?" she shot back at Ms Clark who explained she doesn’t "charge".

The woman retorted: "You [do charge]. If you are doing something like that you are charged". As she walked away, the woman turned back to Ms Clark and screamed: "You deserve to die".

Influencer 'too scared' to return to apartment block

Ms Clark, who's been an influencer for four years, said the altercation on Tuesday morning left her feeling "really horrible about myself". The 31-year-old told Yahoo the incident is the first time she's experienced such aggressive behaviour while taking photos. She said she often films outside the same building with her friend, but is now "too scared" to return.

"She looked like a sweet old lady, she's literally a stranger to me," she said. "I've never been approached by her or seen her in my life. It really threw me off."

Emilee Clark posing for photo (right) Lucury Mali Apartments in Broadbeach, Gold Coast (left)
Emilee Clark has been filming content for four years but has never experienced such abuse, she says. Source: Instagram/emileeclarkfitness

In a follow-up clip, the 31-year-old continued to pose for the camera in an attempt to "film my cute outfit", but suddenly a second woman's voice can be heard in the background.

"Just so you know I've called the police. You can't take photos here," she says. After "composing" herself and "taking a breath", Ms Clark left and later shared the confrontation on TikTok. The video amassed almost one million views before it was deleted. It was flagged and removed by the video-sharing platform for promoting violence, which the 31-year-old slammed as "bullsh*t" because she was merely "standing up for [herself]".

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