Speeding, stolen car mows down footpath in south Sydney amid four-day crime rampage

Video shows a speeding stolen car being driven down the footpath in a town southwest of Sydney in the middle of an alleged four-day crime spree.

The CCTV captured the stolen 4WD as it jumps the curb, hurtling along a footpath and narrowly missing another 4WD.

One pedestrian jumps to safety as the vehicle ploughs through a power box, sparking panic in the small town of Picton.

The stolen car jumps onto the footpath in 4WD. Source: 7 News
It came amid an alleged four-day crime spree. Source: 7 News

The two accused are now behind bars charged with dozens of offences.

Witness Aaron Greffenius described the scene that sounded like something out of a movie.

The car left a trail of destruction through Picton. Source: 7 News

“It was pretty dramatic because there was a police officer right there, who drew his weapon pointed it at the car,” he told 7 News.

An hour later, police were chasing a different stolen car allegedly driven by the same men, who had taunted authorities for four days.

Allan Burns, 24. Source: 7 News
Zach Corkery, 26. Source: 7 News

Allan Burns, 24, and Zach Corkery, 26, posted an online message on Sunday: "F*** you task force Carolan."

The wanted pair were eventually taken down and now stand accused of the four-day crime binge, leaving behind a trail of alleged victims including young mother Hayley Igram was hit in the stomach with the end of a rifle.

The pair taunted police during their alleged spree. Source: 7 News

In Picton, an elderly couple was car jacked at gunpoint while the Blatchs’ farm gates were destroyed and their home ransacked while their car was last seen on security video going down a Picton street.

“We're a quiet little town and for something like this to happen, sick, sick to the stomach,” Debbie Blatch said.

Mother Hayley Ingram was one of the alleged victims. Source: 7 News

Burns and Corkery are now charged with more than 20 offences each.

Their lawyer Graeme Morrie said the pair were “well aware of the seriousness of the matters before them”.

The men did not apply for bail.