Steve Price's bizarre swipe at Jacinda Ardern leaves co-hosts puzzled

Steve Price has taken a swing at New Zealand’s prime minister, insisting he is “sick and tired of that woman”.

On Tuesday’s edition of The Project, the broadcaster left the panel stunned when he unleashed on Jacinda Ardern and her recent trip to Australia.

Ms Ardern recently travelled to Australia for a family holiday, and Mr Price drew comparisons between her trip and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s infamous Hawaii getaway while bushfires raged across the country.

“If you can criticise Scott Morrison going to Hawaii, why is she not in Hamilton or Canterbury? What is she doing hanging around Australia?” Mr Price questioned.

Steve Price has unleashed on Jacinda Ardern on The Project, saying he is "sick and tired of that woman". Source: The Project

“She should be in her own country and spend money in her own place. Typical virtue signalling from Ardern.

“I get sick and tired of that woman.”

Co-hosts Lisa Wilkinson and Peter van Onselen tried to defuse the situation, with van Onselen repsonding: “Nobody is saying that the Prime Minister can’t travel overseas.”

“If you are going to criticise Scott Morrison going to Hawaii instead of going to the southern coast of NSW, why not criticise her,” Price went on.

Van Onselen then went on to point out New Zealand was not on fire.

However, Mr Price stood his ground and insisted Ms Ardern should be in New Zealand “spending money there”.

The Project hosts Peter van Onselen and Lisa Wilkinson defended Jacinda Ardern, pointing out New Zealand was not suffering a bushfire crisis. Source: The Project

Wilkinson then explained Australia was upset with Mr Morrison’s Hawaii holiday due to the timing of the trip and the secrecy surrounding it.

Still, Price did not admit defeat.

“I’m getting tired of Jacinda Ardern doing no wrong,” he said.

Following the comments, many slammed Price online for his rant.

“When NZ was in crisis, she was there and led,” one man tweeted.

“When our nation burned #ScottyFromMarketing ran to Hawaii and hid. Not that bright are we, Pricey?”

Another claimed Price’s issue with Ms Ardern was not that she was holidaying in Australia, but that he was “sick of that woman”.

Others called for Price to be sacked over the comments, with many saying they would not be watching The Project until action was taken.

Calls for New Zealand PM to lead Australia

The rant comes after some Australians begged Ms Ardern to lead Australia, just after Mr Morrison was heckled by residents who had just been devastated by fires in Cobargo, in NSW’s southeast.

“Can you please invade Australia? I for one would welcome our New Zealand overlords. Please send leadership,” one person wrote on a recent photo Ms Ardern uploaded to her Instagram while she was in Australia.

Some Australians have called for Jacinda Ardern to be our prime minister. Source: Getty

“Please just toss our PM out and come here,” another person said.

On January 3, Ms Ardern announced New Zealand would send another team of 22 firefighters and logistical support to join the rotation of more than 150 Kiwis working alongside Australian crews since October.

“I’ve been in contact with the Australian PM again this week to share our support and to offer whatever we can to help,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Australia stood by us through some horrific moments in 2019, and we’re here to do the same.”

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