Stephanie Scott's killer Vincent Stanford will die in jail

Niamh Hannon, Kamilia Palu and AAP

Stephanie Scott's killer Vincent Stanford will spend the rest of his life in jail as his sentencing hearing revealed several other targets of his sick obsession.

During the sentencing hearing, the court heard how Stanford stalked a 12-year-old girl and two women before he raped and murdered Ms Scott.

Police found almost 2,000 pictures of a 12-year-old girl. They also found an exercise book with Stanford's name on the front describing the 12-year-old as a "slut", Justice Robert Hulme revealed during the sentencing.

Vincent Stanford sentenced to life in prison. Image: AAP

In court, the girl was given the pseudonym "Joanne", as the judge revealed footage of her was also found on Stanford's camera and computer. Many of the pictures showed the 12-year-old in her school uniform from the waist down.

The exercise book seized by police also included notes about when the 12-year-old left the house for school and when she returned. One part said, "Home alone 15.40. Time enough to abduct".

The court heard police also found "numerous" photographs of other schoolgirls, women, and bestiality. There was also a drawing of a female head with a knife striking it. The court heard how Stanford also wrote down the registration numbers of cars driven by Joanne's father and grandfather, and names of "stupefying drugs" such as valium and rohypnol.

He also had a fascination with a woman named "Jillian" who worked at a retail store, and a 28-year-old woman named "Jennifer".

Just weeks before Ms Scott's death, Stanford was seen parked outside Jillian's work before it had opened. Jillian waited until two male colleagues arrived before she went inside.

Jennifer would often find him near her car at her workplace. Police found a photo of Jennifer’s car on Stanford’s phone.

Two months prior to killing Ms Scott, Stanford typed eight chilling search terms into his computer including, "bride rape", "bride kidnapping", "necro porn" and "bride raped with wedding dress".

The court also heard how Vincent Stanford had "thoughts" of "killing" someone since he was aged seven or eight. The court heard how Stanford had one feeling, “hatred”.

Stephanie Scott’s mother Merrilyn held back tears as she addressed the media after the sentencing. She said, “The past 18 months have been the most difficult and harrowing time.”

Stephanie Scott and her mother Merrilyn. Image: 7news

“Stephanie had everything taken away from her.”

“Losing her has shattered so many lives and we are all struggling with the consequences.”

"We have had to grieve in the public eye."

Stephanie Scott's family and friends at the sentencing. Image: AAP

Justice RA Hulme read out the facts of the murder of Stephanie Scott in court on Thursday. Vincent Stanford bowed his head in the dock as the judge read how he raped and murdered Ms Scott.

Justice RA Hulme described Stanford's offending as "callous", "despicable" and "heinous". He said "There's no question the offender is a very disturbed individual".

On Tuesday, a courtroom packed with Ms Scott's family and supporters was shown disturbing video footage of him confessing to the April 2015 murder.

Stanford told detectives, "I think I went a little nuts."

He said when he saw the bride-to-be alone at Leeton High School on Easter Sunday 2015, he felt "just that I had to kill her".

He dragged Ms Scott, 26, into a storeroom at the school and attacked her with his fists and a large knife.

"I beat her and I hit her in her carotid artery with the knife," he said.

Vincent Stanford sentenced to life in prison for murdering Ms Scott. Image: AAP

He washed the scene with a high pressure cleaner and took Ms Scott's body 70km away to the Cocoparra National Park, where he burned it.

Miss Scott was due to marry the week after her death. Photo: AAP

Ms Scott had been due to marry her fiance Aaron Leeson-Woolley six days later.

Vincent Stanford's brother Marcus was released from prison last month after serving 15 months for selling Ms Scott's rings and burning her driver's licence.

His identical twin brother Marcus Stanford was released from prison last month after serving 15 months for selling Ms Scott's rings and burning her driver's licence.