Stella Maxwell visits serpent spa

Stella Maxwell had a massage from a pair of snakes on Wednesday (05.12.18).
The Victoria's Secret model - who is in a relationship with actress Kristen Stewart - underwent the unusual beauty treatment at Serpentessa, a specialist spa in New York and thought it was an "amazing" experience that allowed her to get in touch with her "wild divine nature".
Stella took to Instagram to share a series of photos of herself with the serpents.
She captioned the post: "'Entwine in interspecies love to remember your wild divine nature. Get present. Embrace power and embody pleasure' - Serpentessa. Thank you Serpentessa for the amazing experience (sic)"
In one photo, the model held a boa constrictor in the air with a python coiled around her waist, while in the next, she lay on a massage table with the snakes.
According Serpentessa's website, she offers clients a private one-on-one session and acts as a guild while the "boa constrictors' soothing undulations dispel any fears or concerns by toning and stimulating your body's vagus nerve, releasing endorphins and oxytocin.
"These feel-good hormones relieve stress, create pleasure, and increase your emotional, physical and cognitive resiliencies in today's stressful world."
The sessions with the snakes are designed to relieve stress, migraines and pain caused by other illnesses.
Serpentessa explained: "Not only do the Serpents elicit emotional/psychological stress relief, but blood flow is increased to tense areas and the gliding weight of the Snake's body relieves pressure throughout the person's body."
Whoopi Goldberg is also said to be a client at the spa.