State School damaged by fire

It's been a devastating morning for some children on the Sunshine Coast, who woke up to find part of their school had been gutted by fire.

Emergency crews were called to Bli Bli State School at about 9.40pm (AEST) on Friday night to find a building well alight.

It's where the school's prep class is taught.

Some parents and their children went to school this morning to look at the damage and were upset by what they saw.

School student being comforted by police officer after finding their classroom had been damaged by fire

One parent, Natalie Atkinson said, "It's pretty devastating, Mrs Duncan does a great job and there's a lot of kids' work that's now been destroyed. It's pretty sad."

"It's all the little things the kids have made and done that you can't replace," she said.

Damage to Bli Bli State School

Kylie Fritz, who works at the Before & After School Care for Bli Bli State School, said it's really sad.

"Everybody will get together and you know do the right thing, but it still shouldn't have happened to start with," said Kylie Fritz.

Damage to the school building

The Criminal Investigation Branch is investigating the blaze, which considerably damaged the facility.

At this stage police are treating the fire as suspicious.

The cause is yet to be determined.