Spot the $1000 traffic offence in this NRMA picture

There is an illegal act being carried out in this picture, which can come with a $1000 fine and loss of four demerit points – but you may need eagle eyes to spot the offence.

NRMA Insurance shared the picture last week on Facebook. It shows a number of cars travelling in a 60km/h zone with people walking on an adjacent footpath.

There is also a bike lane seen.

“Can you spot the demerit point in this scenario?” NRMA Insurance wrote.

A picture of cars travelling in a 60km/h zone.
Can you spot the driver facing demerit points in this picture? Source: NRMA Insurance

Some people suggested the green car is tailgating the white car in front of it, but NRMA said this wasn’t what it was referring to.

“How can any of you see this? Must have gone to Specsavers,” one woman wrote.

One man joked the ute wasn’t doing any burnouts “which is very bizarre”.

Others suggested the man on the scooter or motorbike isn’t wearing a helmet.

NRMA reveals the hard-to-spot offence

However, some observant readers managed to see the mistake one driver is making in the image.

The woman driving the green car has her mobile phone to her ear while she’s driving.

NRMA confirmed this is the demerit point act it was referring to.

In Queensland, drivers can cop four demerit points and a $1000 fine for driving while on the phone including when stopped at traffic lights and in congested traffic.

NSW introduced mobile phone detection cameras in March last year. It’s also worth five demerit points in NSW and a $349 fine but those demerit points double if caught over public holiday periods.

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