Speed, red light photos go online

Speed, red light photos go online

South Australian drivers who receive a red light or speed camera fine are now able to check the photographs online.

Motorists will be able to view the colour photos from all fixed speed and red light cameras, as well as mobile speed cameras through South Australia Police’s website.

They can even print or save the images.

Deputy Commissioner Grant Stevens said motorists were already able to request a photo, and in 2012, police provided more than 16,500 photos.

"However, SAPOL recognised the need to provide the public with better and easier access to expiation information,” he said.

"Police are committed to road safety and speed and red light cameras deter speeding and control driver behaviour at traffic lights.

“That said, we want to reassure people that the system is fair and the technology accurate, so quick, on-line access to their photos is a way we can help do that."

Police said photos will not be available online one it has been paid, the payment period has ended or been suspended pending review, or if the driver has elected to be prosecuted.

To access the photos, motorists need to visit SA Police's website and enter the information from their expiation notice.

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