Fishing off-duty police officers allegedly refused to help backpackers being assaulted

South Australian Police are investigating why three off-duty cops were too busy fishing to help two backpackers from being assaulted.

It’s alleged two backpackers were attacked at Salt Creek in February last year.

Justice Trish Kelly criticised the three off-duty officers for not helping as the drama unfolded, leaving members of the public to intervene and catch the attacker.

It's alleged the officers refused to help. Source: 7 News

Assistant Commissioner Bryan Fahy said the matter will be investigated further.

“Organisationally we will look at that and look at the impact and then determine what might or might not need to be done as a result,” he said.

It’s alleged the officers were asked to assist but refused.

Source: 7 News
The backpackers were attacked at Salt Creek. Source: 7 News