Sonia Kruger, 57, would 'rather get a molar extraction' than 'go grey': 'Incredibly vain'

Sonia Kruger doesn't plan on giving up her trademark blonde locks any time soon.

She’s known for her flowing blonde locks and Sonia Kruger has no plans to embrace the grey any time soon.

In a column she wrote over the weekend for the Herald Sun, Sonia opened up about years of dying her tresses, saying that while it’s a laborious exercise, she can’t imagine giving it up.

Sonia Kruger in a pink top and trousers
Sonia Kruger has opened up about dying her hair blonde. Photo: Instagram/Sonia Kruger

“Massive respect to all the ladies out there who rock the grey. Liz Ellis, Andie MacDowell and Jamie Lee Curtis are beautiful, sexy and intelligent women,” she wrote.

“They’re also far braver than me. I would rather have a molar extraction than see my natural hair colour.

“That might sound extreme but I’m incredibly vain and also in denial about a lot of things.”


Sonia went on to say that she’s all for 'disproving' the trend that ‘women become invisible’ after a certain age and she likes to ‘curate’ her image, wearing neon colours, bright nails and her trademark blonde locks.

Sonia Kruger in a bikini
The 57-year-old said she has no plans in going grey. Photo: Instagram/Sonia Kruger

Being fit and healthy is a huge priority for Sonia, who is mum to daughter Maggie, eight.

“When you’ve come back from having a baby you want to do things gradually, you want to do things that are just a little bit more gentle on the body. So that’s why Strictly You came about,” Sonia told WHO earlier this year.

"Dancing itself is one of the best forms of fitness there is because it’s cardiac, it’s a great cardio workout. It’s toning. It’s great from a muscular perspective. It’s great for the joints because you’re using your own body weight as resistance. It has everything. You only have to look at the dancers’ bodies on Dancing with the Stars."

Sonia Kruger in a purple dress at the Oscars
Sonia likes to ‘curate’ her image, wearing neon colours, bright nails and her trademark blonde locks. Photo: Instagram/Sonia Kruger

Sonia also added that the dance workouts are a "great stress reliever".

She also shared that she doesn't keep any food off limits and will enjoy a cocktail or chocolate if she wants one.

It comes after Sonia sparked rumours earlier this year that she is set to appear on The Real Housewives of Sydney.

According to the Daily Mail, Sonia caught the eye of Bravo boss Andy Cohen when she sat down and interviewed him for the launch of 7Bravo, a new free-to-air channel.

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