Son of murdered Melbourne grandmother arrested

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A 44-year-old man has been arrested after his mother was found dead in her Melbourne home on Tuesday afternoon.

Violet Tamvakis’ body was discovered by her daughter in a front room of her Bentleigh home, after the 74-year-old failed to pick up her grandchildren from school.

Violet Tamvakis was found dead in her Bentleigh home. Picture: Supplied

Her son, Socrates Tamvakis, was arrested near Hampton just after 4pm on Wednesday.

It followed an appeal by Victoria Police for the Bentleigh man to come forward.

Socrates Tamvakis, right, has been arrested after his mother's body was discovered at her Melbourne home, left.

Detective Senior Sergeant Stephen McIntyre told reporters earlier on Wednesday that homicide detectives were keeping an open mind about the death but wanted to speak with Mr Tamvakis.

"At this point of time, our interest is focused on the deceased's son," Det Snr Sgt McIntyre said.

Speaking outside Ms Tamvakis’ home, he said the scene had been “quite confronting” and the family was “dealing with it as best as they can".

The detective would not comment on whether Mr Tamvakis, who was known to police, had a history of violence.

'Screaming, crying' heard before woman found dead in home

A neighbour told the Herald Sun she heard “hysterical crying and a woman saying ‘oh my God, oh my God’” around the time police discovered the elderly woman's body.

The neighbour, who had lived near the victim for about 20 years, said she was a "really nice lady" who would often bring her family homemade biscuits.

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