Can you see what's wrong with this photo man sent to his mum?

A son, with admittedly good intentions, has learned the hard way that it pays to check twice before sending a photo to your mum – especially when it involves your bed.

Maison Vallance thought he was earning some brownie points when he snapped a photo of his girlfriend tucked up in his bed alongside a shirt his mum had purchased for him.

“I took this picture to let my Momma know I found the shirt she got me, but Meghan is too pretty not to post It,” he wrote alongside the photo.

At first glance, it appears to be just that, but a second look quickly proves otherwise.

Unfortunately unlike his friends, Maison didn't noticed the red ropes attached to the headboard of his bed. Source: Twitter

A slightly more observant friend of Maison's noticed something in the background that you'd probably rather not send to your mum.

“I’m going to regret this as soon as I ask, but the ropes ...?” his friend commented on the picture.

On closer inspection, a thick red rope tied to his headboard suddenly becomes so very obvious.

Unfortunately for Maison, the photo had been sent and the damage was done.

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