Sydney couple on edge after finding two-metre snake skin inside home

Isabella Robinson

A Sydney couple have come to the scary realisation that they might be sharing their home with a scaly visitor.

Troy Mutton and his partner Rachel Lloyd made the disturbing discovery on Friday night - finding evidence a large snake had been inside their home.

Mr Mutton said when they walked downstairs at about 8pm they noticed a light had been dislodged.

"I thought that's quite unusual. I looked up and saw what looked like a snake skin." Mr Mutton told Yahoo7 News.

On closer inspection he realised he was right - estimating the skin, believed to belong to a python, measured close to two and a half metres.

"I was pretty gobsmacked. I didn't expect a huge snake skin to be there that's for sure," Mr Mutton told Yahoo7 News.

Mr mutton estimated the skin was close to two and a half metres in length. Source: Supplied

Mr Mutton said there has been no reason to believe a snake has been inside before, but they do live in a bushy area in the southern part of the city.

The 25-year-old said his partner, who is also 25, "was pretty terrified".

Images captured by the pair show the displaced light where they made the discovery.

Another shows Mr Mutton holding the scaly visitor's skin - stretching it out well above his head.

The pair noticed a light had been dislodged and on closer inspection found the skin. Source: Supplied

A few of their friends have suggested the pair move, however Mr Mutton said he is not too concerned.

But the pair will no doubt be wondering whether the reptile has decided to become their housemate permanently.

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