Snake enthusiast's 'confronting' video of python: 'It's nature'

Duke Orme said it was a 'privilege' to witness the snake eating its meal.

Duke Orme was simply taking his dogs for a walk on a brisk evening earlier this week when something caught his eye.

"The animals were...tussling in the grassland," he joked to Yahoo News Australia on Thursday.

The scrub python can be seen coiled around the wallaby.
Scrub pythons use constriction to suffocate their prey before consuming the animal whole. Source: Supplied

His description was rather conservative for the "confronting" sight unfolding near his home in Wongaling Beach, situated in Far North Queensland, which consisted of a large scrub python constricting and consuming a wallaby.

Despite admitting it was indeed horrifying, he explained he felt "privileged" to have witnessed the encounter, which took the best part of a hour.

"I take nature for what it is. Every bit of nature has its process and a snake has got to eat," he said. "You do get mixed reactions but people are fascinated by it. It's nature."

Australia's longest snake

Scrub pythons hold the title of the longest snake in Australia and can grow up to eight metres long, according to Australia Zoo.

"They're not necessarily the heaviest for their length but they are long and capable of taking big prey," Duke said.

A Queensland police officer can be seen ushering a scrub python off the road into hinterland.
Queensland police ushering a large scrub python across the road, showing the size these snakes can grow in comparison to an adult. Source: Australian Geographic

Weighing up to 25 kilograms, they coil their large muscular bodies to kill prey before swallowing it whole, with the size of the wallaby in the video "probably about the limit" these snakes can contend with. As constrictors, these snakes are not venomous and instead will hide before ambushing prey.

"They always eat their prey head first as the legs can act as a bit of a fish hook," Duke explained. "It's fascinating."

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